Paint Correction Services

Searching for the Best Car Detailing Near Me?

Have you been searching for the best car detailing near me? Our paint correction package will bring out the factory color and shine of your vehicle. At Exotic Auto Pros we understand how important your vehicle is to you and that’s why our team wants to restore your vehicle’s original finish. The paint correction package includes a thorough exterior hand wash as well as detailing of your rims and tires. Next, we use the clay bar method to remove any leftover contaminants stuck in your paint. We’ll lubricate your vehicle’s exterior prior to applying the clay bar and then slide the clay bar across your vehicle’s paint to pick up tiny particles like brake dust, rail dust and pollutants found in acid rain that cannot be removed with a typical wash. After we perform the clay bar technique, we’ll perform either a one-stage paint correction, two-stage paint correction or our Exotic Auto Pros. Our technicians pay close attention to every detail and will polish each panel to get your vehicle’s paint looking its best. Damages to your paint can be caused by improper washing, nature’s hazardous elements on the road and many other causes. Whether you need a level one, two or three polish to remove defects from your vehicle’s paint, our staff can do it for you. Your search for the best car detailing near me ends here.  Come see us at Exotic Auto Pros and let us take care of all your detailing needs!

Need Paint Correction?

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Paint Correction Sacramento

Paint Correction is vital to remove flaws and defects from your vehicle’s paint and get it looking its absolute best. It will help your vehicle maintain its value and prolong its life. We highly recommend adding one of our Ceramic Pro packages to your vehicle’s paint to keep it protected for the long haul. Our paint correction package uses a variety of steps to get your paint shining to perfection. Depending on the condition of your paint, our expert technicians will perform the clay bar technique to remove any contaminants, and then use the wet sanding technique to remove more extreme flaws on your vehicle’s paint. Come see us and end your search for the best car detailing near me. We will get your paint looking it’s absolute best!