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Paint Protection Film Services

If you’ve been searching for the best Clear Bra Sacramento has to offer, look no further than your experts at Exotic Auto Pros. Clear Bra is an invisible polyurethane film that provides a durable barrier between your paint’s surface and harsh environmental elements and everyday wear. We are certified installers of STEK Clear Bra, the best protection against rock chips out on the market. We take great pride in providing top quality services to every customer that walks through our doors and you’ll be able to see that with our results. STEK is known for its superior clarity and high gloss over other brands. Adding paint protection film to your vehicle will keep it protected from rock chips, road debris, insect acid, tree sap and more.

We offer a variety of Clear Bra Sacramento packages depending on the level of protection you want for your vehicle including Partial Kit, Full Front Kit, and Full Car. Adding Clear Bra will also give your vehicle’s paint self-healing effects so you can say goodbye to those dreaded swirls that plague your vehicle’s paint. If you love your vehicle and want to keep it protected from the hazardous elements on the road than adding Clear Bra is the right choice. Let our expert staff take care of you. Request a free quote here.

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Clear Bra Protects Against:

  • Rock Chips
  • Road Salt
  • Insects
  • Dirt & Debris
  • Tree Sap
  • *Adds Hydrophobic Properties
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Protect Your Paint

Paint protection film or Clear Bra is an invisible polyurethane film that layers on top of your vehicle’s paint and provides incredible protection. It will help your vehicle maintain value keeping it protected without needing a new paint job. We offer several different paint protection film packages, so whether you’re looking to protect your bumper and headlights, the full front kit or the entire car, we have a package that is right for you. Paint Protection Film will keep your vehicle protected from the sun’s UV rays. Each PPF package is custom cut using a state-of-the-art plotter so it perfectly fits your vehicle. Come see us today to get a custom paint protection film or Clear Bra package that is perfect for your needs.