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Car Detailing Sacramento

When it comes to the best car detailing Sacramento county has to offer, Exotic Auto Pros has set the bar high. We provide high-quality services while using the best products available on the market to ensure your vehicle looks it’s absolute best when we are done with it. If you love your vehicle and want to preserve its value, then let our expert technicians give you the best car detailing Sacramento offers. We treat every customer like family and want you to feel like you just drove off the dealership lot when we’re done with your vehicle.

At Exotic Auto Pros, we care about quality over quantity and take the time necessary to get your vehicle looking its best. We are paint correction specialists, detailing experts and certified installers of Ceramic Pro. Whether you have a motorcycle, car or boat, we use the highest quality products on the market to ensure your vehicle is treated with the utmost care. We offer a variety of detailing packages including our Exterior Detail, Interior Detail, and Paint Correction package. Scheduling regular detailing will ensure that your vehicle will maintain its value! Come see our staff at Exotic Auto Pros and let us take care of all your car detailing Sacramento needs.

Our Packages

Exterior Detail

Our Exterior Detail package will give your vehicle a deep clean while decontaminating your paint. It includes 100% hand wash and air dry, cleaning of the wheels, tires, tar and road grime removal. Next, our technicians will perform the clay bar decontamination to remove any leftover contaminants. This package will refresh your vehicle and leave your paint shining bright. Learn more here.

Interior Detail

Our Interior Detail package will refresh your vehicle so you feel like your stepping into a brand new car. This package begins with an air purge and vacuum to loosen and remove excess debris and dust. Next, we shampoo the carpet and seats, detail and condition the vinyl and leather to prevent drying and cracking. Finally, we dress the cracks, crevices, jambs, and windows so your vehicle will be sparkling bright.

Paint Correction

Our Paint Correction package is vital to keep your vehicle looking sharp! This package includes a thorough exterior hand wash and detailing of your rims and tires. Next we use the clay bar method to remove any leftover contaminants stuck in your paint. After we perform the clay bar technique, we’ll perform either a one-stage paint correction, two-stage paint correction or our Exotic Auto Pros Signature Polish. Find out more here. 

Motorcycle Detailing

We are experts when it comes to Motorcycle Detailing! The Motorcycle Detail package will leave your bike sparkling clean. We use the highest quality tools available on the market while taking the time and care needed to properly clean your motorcycle. Request a free quote here.

Boat Detailing

We are experts when it comes to boat detailing. Our boat detailing package will leave your boat sparkling clean so you can enjoy your time out on the water. Whether you have a speed boat, jet skis, a yacht or another type of marine vessel, our team wants to keep your investment looking its best. Scheduling regular detailing maintenance for your vessel will prolong its life. Request a free quote here. 

Maintenance Detailing

Our Maintenance Service package will help prolong the life of your vehicle. This package includes a thorough exterior hand wash and detailing of your tires and rims. Next, we perform a full exterior wipe down, interior vacuum and window cleaning. Request a free quote here.

With over 13 years of experience in auto detailing, our expert staff knows how much you love your car, and will treat it with the best care and attention to detail to get it looking its best.

Highest Quality Products

We guarantee satisfaction and that’s why we use the best quality products out on the market to ensure your vehicle looks its best. We exemplary services with premium quality products.

Here at Exotic Auto Pros, our main goal is to provide all our customers with the best customer service they’ve ever received. When you walk through our doors, we treat you like family. When we’re finished with your car, we want to make sure your experience with us was an enjoyable one and to have you come back again soon.

Detailing is an Art Form

When it comes to car detailing Sacramento, no one does it better than your friendly staff at Exotic Auto Pros. We treat every car like it was one of our own and pay close attention to the details. We take great pride in utilizing the highest end products and offer affordable prices to our customers at a great value. We offer a variety of different detailing packages that will refresh your vehicle’s look. Come see us today!